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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Competition Starts Today!

Moneypenny, along with all the US horses, passed their jog, and are fit and ready for competition, which starts today. Susan rides at 6:30 pm Eastern, 3:30 pm west coast time.

A "fan" of Susan's asked me to explain how the Para Dressage Competition works, so here it is...There are three tests, the Team Test, Individual Test and the Musical Freestyle. Competitiors are divided into specific grades according to their abilities, and are asked to perform a specific test according to their grade. To determine the team placings, the scores for the Team Test and the Individual Test are combined, and the top 3 riders from each nation are then added together to determine placing. The Individual Test and the Musical Freestyle are both individual rides, so the best score wins. Hopefully that explains the "fans" question.

Susan reports that she is so proud to be competing at the WEG, representing the United States of America. She feels very good going into the Team Test, as MP in in her "element", fit, happy and ready to strut her stuff! Susan is so happy to have a group of cheerleaders there, made up of her family and friends.

Go for the Gold Susan! We're all rooting for you!

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck Susan...we are rooting for you back here in California