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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Custom Saddle, New Interview, Champs, and Pony Update

Custom Saddle
OMG! OMG! OMG! My new Custom saddle arrived and I LOVE it! Custom offered to sponsor me with all of my equipment needs and boy do they deliver. They sent me the new single flap Advantage. It is very close contact and very comfortable. I'm currently braking it in and I can't wait to show in it next year! Thank you Custom! And a special thanks to Cary, Julie & Tanya for their help and support. You guys rock!
New Interview
I was recently interviewed by the 2010 WEG Online Radio Show. They asked me about everything from training to Championships. You can listen here.
State & Regional Championships will be held this week at Rancho Murietta. I will be showing Final at 4th level. I'll provide updates throughout the week. My classes aren't until Saturday and Sunday so I will post my results at the end of each day.
MP, Amigo, Verite
MP is still doing well. A little better each day. She is cantering and I'm starting to add a little work to her routine. Just easy half passes and shoulder in's. She's still set to be back into full training come Nov 1.

Amigo got his first flying changes last week! One on each side. He's so easy, you just have to put him off balance and tap the whip. I could get used to his style!

Verite had her first outing to Eva's a few weeks ago. She's looking good and will be ready to show first level come Jan. I'm looking forward to Ellen coming at the end of the month so I can see whats next on the to do list! Here are some pics of her from Eva's.

Learning to canter like this hasn't been easy, but she's learning!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ellen Clinic & MP update

Ellen was just here and once again we had a great weekend! I rode Verite & Amigo. With Verite we were able to start the half passes and begin the preparation for flying changes. With Amigo we were able to start the changes! Yay! It was such a great weekend and it was great to see the horses progressing nicely. I'm hoping to show both horses in Jan a Rancho Murietta.

MP has also been progressing nicely. She's now trotting 15 min a day and will start cantering next week. If she continues to progress, she will be back to full work by the end of Oct.

I'll be interviewed on the WEG Online Radio Show next week, once the interview is up I will post a link. Very busy at work right now so sorry for the brief and delayed posts. I'll get better in a few weeks!