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Friday, October 8, 2010

2 out of 3 tests complete...

Here are Susan's results so far:

Team Test 63%
Individual Test 64.8%

The next and final test is the Musical Freestyle, which doesn't happen until Sunday. Surely they'll get another good score, as her freestyle is full of personality and class - even with the sexy flapper music!
In Susan's first test, the Team Test, Moneypenny unfortunatley got her tongue over the bit, which made their canter work a bit challenging, but in talking with Ellen, spectators couldn't tell. They were able to perform a very solid test, despite MP's roaming tongue. The second test, the Individual, went very smooth, and there were even parts of the test Susan felt like she just nailed the movement, and couldn't stop from smiling during the ride. She said MP was more up and round than she'd ever been before in competition, so she was very pleased with that.

Overall, Susan is in the middle of the pack as far as scores go, which is very respectable considering this is the WEG! Susan is having a great time, and is very happy with MP, and still proud as ever that she is representing the US. She said she's learned so much leading up to, and at the WEG. She was even talking to a fellow para rider that has really cool adaptive reins, where she can operate the snaffle, the snaffle and curb, or just the curb, and she has one arm. Pretty impressive. Susan also watched some of the vaulting, and she said it's so entertaining! The athletes are like cheerleaders, with muscles and great athleticism to go along with that very peppy attitude!

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