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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WEG Wrap up

Team USA

Holy cow! Its already the middle of January! Well I guess no time like three months after the even to provide a wrap up!

Overall Team USA put in a good showing at the WEG. Moneypenny and I finished 10th overall with a 69% in the freestyle. We were the highest scoring US pair! I'm very content with our performance in our first international event. The experience was unbelievable...its hard to put into words.

We set out on this journey almost 5 years ago and it was a true test of will. There were many ups and downs, but once I walked into that stadium for opening ceremonies, it all became worth it! The quality of the competition was amazing. I thought there might be 10 top horses. Instead there were at least 60 top notch international horses. As one US judge said, "these horses were eye candy for any rider." I was glad to see so many Americans recognize how competitive Para-Dressage is on the international level. I hope this awareness will lead to support of the up-and-coming US Para Team riders. The riders winning medals at the WEG are heavily supported financially.

Whats next? The London Paralympics of course! But first I'm dedicating my time and energy to building my small training business in Winters. I have very supportive clients and I'm really excited about helping them with their goals. At the same time I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a horse to campaign for London while competing with MP in the FEI able-bodied shows, and bringing up my two young horses Verite and Amigo.
I would like to take the opportunity to all of those who helped me on this journey. My family and friends, coaches, veterinarians, therapists, sponsors and moral supporters: I could not have done without the huge support system that we call Team MP!
Here are a few photos: all of our WEG photos will be published at
Ellen & Susan spectating
MP being interviewed by Sam & Glenn
Ellen coaching
Erin, Robin, Mary & me!

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