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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Susan Says It Best...

Because the World Equestrian Games is such a huge deal, in the Equestrian World at least, I thought Susan's email to me last night said it best, so I've decided to just copy and paste. Enjoy...

"Hello! All is well here. I had my first session with Ellen today, MP felt FANTASTIC. I cried and jumped for joy when she got here, its so nice to have someone that knows me and the horse so well. It felt so good to just ride and not have to think. Opening ceremonies was on Saturday and was an amazing experience. I have never been involved in something quite like it. The US uniform was Ariat jeans, boots, and shirt topped with the US blazer, belt, scarf and cowboy hat. Actually, several nations wore cowboy hats. Prior to the ceremonies, they had each discipline take team photos and then they sent us inro a staging area. Altech provided their famous Kentucky Burbon Ale so everyone was having a very good time. We got to meet many riders from the other nations and other disciplines, and we chatted quite a bit with Anne Gribbons, the US Dressage Team coach. She is SO nice! When the vaulters started throwing each other in the air, we knew it was almost time to go. Staff began walking through the athlete crowd with signs for the individial nations. Athletes followowed their sign and thats how the precession began. It was very moving to line up behind the US flag and when we got outside the staging area we could here the bluegrass music coming from the main stadium. I had chills walking from the staging area all the way to the stadium. We could hear them announcing the nations and we could hear the crowd cheering. When we rounded the corner before entering and saw the jam packed stadium, I had a very wierd out of body experience. I couldn't believe that I was really about to walk with our country in a parade of nations for the World Equestrian Games. It was sureal, the feeling of emotion and pride. When they announced the United States over the loud speaker the crowd went wild! It was so crazy in the stadium. Everyone was signing and dancing and cheering. After we all made the lap around the arena, they led us to athlete seating so we could watch the show. To be honest I dont remember much from there - not because of the beer, but because I was so overwhelmed. I hope I get to do this again, because next time I will bring a good camera! So now we train. Other events are going on, reining and dressage. Endurance finished yesterday. We are going to try and go see some of the other events tomorrow."

And if Susan does "this again", it will most likely be the 2012 Olympic Games, of which I promised her I will attend! I can do "on the site" blogging. Until next time, GO USA, GO SUSAN AND MONEYPENNY!

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