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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Verite the Wonder Mare

What can't Verite do? Not much. This mare has talent, massive talent. She has spent much of her life as a brood mare and hasn't been in full training for even six months. I rode a test with her on Sunday just to see how she'd react to movements coming one after the other. She breezed through the test. Then I tried a walk pirouette/turn on the haunches, no problem, she can do that as well. Then I worked on med trot to collected trot transitions - whoa, she has a mean extention in her trot. Shoulder-in, haunches in no problem. Half-pass? Peice of cake. Her only weakness right now is the canter which will just take time as she learns how to carry herself. But as you can see, the canter is coming along. PSG is only going to be a few years away!

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