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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Overdue Ellen Clinic post

We had Ellen here a few weeks ago and had a great clinic as usual. I rode Amigo, Verite and miss MP had her first lesson back!

With Amigo, it was clear than I am the problem in this relationship. Too nagging with my seat, not clear enough with my reprimands, and way too slow. So he's kind of bullying me around. Not fun since he's so big and strong and athletic. But with Ellen's help we got going and had two great lessons and have since decided he needs to back back to bootcamp with his trusty bootcamp general, Katey!

With Verite, we worked on her responding better from behind and learning to sit when she meets bit pressure. Its coming quicker for her in the trot than it is in the canter. You can watch her here and here.

And then there was miss Mp's first ride back. I've been very careful with her since her injury, so I haven't wanted to do anything with her that might be too much. But our timing for a lesson was just right because it turns out she needed to do a little more to get going right and get up in front of my leg and use herself behind. The end result? Well, here she is schooling the PSG trot work two weeks later:

We're off to Steffen Peters for training next week which I'm sure we'll have lots of Video & photos from to post.

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