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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rebel without a cause

Yes, its true. Amigo the rebel turned into a rebel without a cause. We're going along nicely on Sat, a nice forward trot that was well balanced and perfectly ready to transition into the canter. Up Amigo goes into the canter, perfectly balanced as usual. And then his perfect balance rolls into a small crow-hop and then a little buck, and so I (the fed up mother) get ready for a rodeo session so I promptly "send him on" to get him out of this potential bucking spree. How does he react? Stops dead like a dirty bronc horse and shoots straight up onto his hind legs. Being that I'm in "buck" position not "rear" position, I get launched off to the side and land comfortably in our fluffy Somerset footing. And then the rebel's tough exterior cracks as he looks down at me with shock and terror, for he did not know that the two legged creatures that ride him can come off. If horses could cry, he would have been. And since that moment, it seems my perfect angel has returned.

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