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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Line in the sand

Why can't all rides be good? I mean really, isn't riding supposed to be fun? I know, I know, "its the journey not the destination," the "hard days that make the good days so good." If you think about it, riding is like any long-term relationship or family. We learn more about each other through disagreements and then understanding and compromise. But there are also times when you have to draw the line in the sand.

Poor Amigo, the rebellious teenager, has been neglected on the back burner for a few weeks now. I get him out for a ride on Tuesday and he proceeds to question me about everything: "why can't I yank you out of the saddle?" "why can't I buck in the corner?" "why do I have to respond when you ask?" "what if I don't want to canter?" So like a good mother I try and keep my cool, calmly redirect his energy, until I finally snap and tell him to "knock it the f-off!" And guess what? Sometimes that works. It worked on Tuesday. I know it won't always work. But I learned that just because I feel guilty about neglecting him I can't compromise on his behavior or work ethic.

So we had a bad ride, so what? He's only 4. Tonight is a new night and he'll get ridden for the next four days so hopefully by Monday I'll have my "yes mam" 1500 lb, 17hh kid back. And if I don't Ellen will be here next weekend to supervise.

Luckily I have the princess (Veritie) and the queen (MP) to ride. They are at least civilized when we argue.

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