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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Heaven, Safe & Sound

I'm happy to report that MP has made it safely to Kentucky, and is settled into her beautiful stall, drinking and eating happily. Susan calls the Kentucky Equine Research Center, "the horsey motherland"! MP enjoyed turnout this morning on 5 acres of rolling bluegrass, and thought for sure, this was heaven. The KER facility, owned by Joe & Anna Pagan, is beautiful and it sounds as though every need is being met, complete with automatic waters that tell you how much your horse is drinking!

Susan went for a light ride this morning, and is pleased to report that MP looks great, feels great, and most importantly, seems happy. MP is already wooing her neighbors, she's such a tease. She likes to be wanted.

The team should all have arrived by tomorrow, and they start their "processing" where they get their accreditation's and US gear, which Susan is very excited about!


Anonymous said...

Moneypenny is in excellent hands with Joe Pagan, please give him my best regards. He knows more about feeding performance horses than anyone in the world. We're rooting for you! You have a great team with Scott, Devon, Ellen and Susan! Best of luck.

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Anonymous said...

A late response, but congrats on safe arrival and happy horse! Have a wonderful time!