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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Charles Owen helmets ROCK!!!

I have had a Charles Owen GR8 helmet for the past 18 months and LOVE it. It is the most comfortable and attractive helmet I've ever had. AND it protects my noggin!

Lets face it, helmets are ugly and hard to fit and uncomfortable at times. I was not a helmet wearer until the GR8. Now I'm like a walking billboard. I have received compliments on this helmet since the day I started wearing it and the latest compliment came from little miss Holly Bergay back in Chicago while we were there for champs. For the Para Dressage we are required to wear a helmet for show so I'm pleased to announce that the good folks over at Charles Owen have sent both me and Holly two pretty new GR8's for show! AWESOME!! Now I can beat the crap out of my everyday GR8 and not have to worry about making it pretty when we go to shows like say National Championships. And now Holly too can become a walking billboard. I'll make her take a pic of herself and then I post a side-by-side of the two of us in our new matching helmets. And did I say that we are also working on a "lend-a-hand" pas de duex? More to come on that in the next few months...

In the mean time, THANK YOU CHARLES OWEN! You guys rock in the helmet department!

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