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Thursday, October 9, 2008

We're here!!!!!

The show grounds

We made it! All three trailers rolled into the LA Equestrian Center yesterday around 1:00 and then we feverishly unloaded and set up camp. After that I had to get ready because my freestyle warm up was scheduled for 4:45 and I wanted ample time to cruise the venue.

That is a lot of stuff!

The horses took priority

Camp almost set up

There are four of us from team Eckstein showing. Eva and me at third level and Katie D and Katey A at first. Ellen will be coaching us all weekend. Yesterday was just the warm up but today the show starts. I have one of my freestyle classes this afternoon. I'll do another blog and report on that later.

Looking fab
MP was a little spicy during the warm up on Wed. She actually kicked up her heels a few time which made me laugh. But she feels super. She definitely has her game face on.

MP feels good

There are some incredible horses here. The competition is stiff and there is a lot of it. Our class has at least twenty riders in it which for dressage is a lot. But it is wonderful to be here with our good friends and I think our horses all look fabulous!

The Katie/ey's with the view

To watch my freestyle warm up click here

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