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Friday, October 10, 2008

First scores are in.....

Yesterday was a great day! Eva and I had our 3-2 warm up class first thing in the morning so the horses were nice and fresh. The class was big, 15 horses and riders. Eva's test was super except for a few bobbles which cost her a few points so she got a 62% and 5th place. My test felt really good, just a few things need improving for the Championship class which begins today. I got a 64% which landed me in the reserve slot. Not a bad start!

Our USDF Region 7 3rd level freestyle class was yesterday afternoon and there were 9 rider and horse combinations. The freestyle classes are not divided into ametures or pros, we are compete against each other so the competition is stiff. MP's warm up was great. She felt the best she's ever felt, but when she got in the ring she got a little spooky and tight so I had some bobbles. Even so I earned a 69% which placed me third for the regionals. Not bad for our first year out! The awards ceremony is today so I'll have pictures from that later.

Our other barnmates are doing well also. Katey A with Andy had a good ride, but there was a demon squirrel at the end of the arena that gave him the spooks so he was obedient but tight in his ride. He'll do better today. Katie D an Willoughby had a fantastic ride and got first place in the warm up class!! The class was huge so that is quite an accomplishment. Both Katies will start their championship classes today along with Eva and I.

Above: Katey A & Andy; Below: Katie D & Will

Today we start the first half of the state championships. We ride 3-2 today and 3-3 on Sunday. I also have my state championship freestyle class so think good thoughts.

3-2 warm up click here
USDF Region 7 3rd level Freestyle click here

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