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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Up, Up and Away!

Hello friends of Susan and MP! This is Susan's friend, Eva, hijacking her blog to bring you breaking news and photos of the event we've all been waiting for, the World Equestrian Games!

Scott dropped Susan off early yesterday morning, with a huge suitcase, named "Bagzilla", so that she could arrive and get settled before Miss MP made her arrival. Scott and Devon then dropped MP off at some insane time this morning, before the sun came up, for her flight. I don't know a lot about transporting horses via air, however, it's a big deal! The horses are put in boxes and then lifted up to the plane and loaded. They stay in their boxes the whole time, and they have "handlers" which accompany them during the flight. When you think about how horses spook at things like hoses and birds at home, it blows my mind to think about driving them to the airport and loading them on a plane! But MP is a champ, and she knows she deserves all of this hoopla!

Until the next post...GO SUSAN AND MP!!!

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elleneeckstein said...

great job Eva! Blogging for Susan will help her to concentrate on "the mare of the moment"...Moneypenny!!