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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Team MP Carmel Valley Fundraiser

I don't even know where to start in order to explain how FANTASTIC the Carmel Valley fundraiser was on May 16. I guess I should start by thanking the "Team MP Committee" for all their hard work and time spent pulling off such a great day. All we had to do was drive in, meet our supporters, ride for them and then go head home. The CV fundraiser committee included: Nancy Bareilles, Katy Peterson, Julie Culver, Susan Baxter, Erin Branson, Susan Rowland, Elizabeth Pasquinelli, Margaret Robinson and Andrea. These ladies are go getter's to say the least. And they know how to throw a party!

The setting

When we arrived everything was set up and the setting was unbelievable. The Carmel Valley Trail and Saddle Club is like a park, tucked into the mountains. Its lush and green and very low key so the atmosphere was very relaxed. The Committee had decorated all of the tables, serving areas and silent auction coral in red white and blue. Everything was so darling and perfect!

The event started at 2 pm with cocktail hour, silent auction opening and was followed up with tri-tip and the works! Every detail was attended to...even down to tin plates and red, white and blue wrapped silverware!

After the mid-afternoon lunch, the demonstrations began. First, Tiana Coudray, a top US Three-Day Event rider, rode a young horse over fences and on the flat to demonstrate the skills of three-day horses. She and the horse were beautiful together, there were many oh's and ah's from the crowd. Next up was me and MP with our freestyle. For whatever reason, riding in front of this crowd was the most nervous I've ever been on a horse. We started with a little warm up from Ellen, in which Katy P was able to talk the crowd through some of the movements required in dressage. Then our freestyle to the Can Can, Cabaret and the Stripper. We showed off some of the new freestyle moves which debuted without a hitch.

The fundraiser was more successful that we ever imagined. It was just perfect. There is no other way to explain it. We had a wonderful time and the event put us over half way to our fundraising goal. As I said before, the group of people that pulled this off for us are amazing. We couldn't ask for a better support team. Thank you Team MP!!!

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