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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wonderful Weekend with Ellen

You know its time to work on something when nearly every horse you are working with needs that something...thats what I experience this weekend. For whatever reason, the horsemanship gods have brough me three horses that all require me to be "quick" so that I can truely get to their feet. No lollygagging here!

There was a time when these gods brought me a slough of horses that required me to be "quiet." Then there was the string that needed me to be patient - more patient than I knew how to be. There was also the lot where I needed to be "slow" or "steady" or the group that taught me how to concentrate without giving myself a headache. Its all part of the onion, one layer at a time, one more tool in the tool box.

So as frustrating as it may be to hit the wall, it is the perfect situation to "perfect" a certain skill.

All the horses wound up great this weekend with Ellen here. MP is the star as usual, always so steady always so exceptional. At this point with her its about keeping her in condition and bumping everything up a notch for competition.

Verite may have turned the corner this weekend. She has had this little thing where when she meets bit pressure, she shuts down. Ok so not a little thing, pretty important. After a few tough lessons with me trying to be quick while not getting frustrated or giving up she unlocked. We thought she could move before, now we know she can move even more! Just in time for her first show!

Now to prepare the tests...only three weeks to go before show season begins!

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