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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have become a terrible blogger!

Okay, okay, I know I suck at blogging. But if you saw my schedule you'd understand why. I work on natural resources issues in the California State Senate and I happed to work for a wonderful Senator who is deeply passionate about CA water policy and the Delta. Soooo, long story short (I'm sure you've see the national press on CA water issues) we've been a little busy.

So my carrer life has taken over my horsey life for a little while, but I'm here to tell you that I'm still riding, still training and motivated more than ever to launch myself into the world of international para dressage.

First a few updates - Championships went well. I placed 5th overall at 4th level for both USDF Region 7 and CDS. Which means we won a little cash. Wohoo! Final was a champ and tried his heart out. Sometimes we weren't trying for the same things (I like clean flying changes, he likes to be early with his front feet to show off his pretty toes), but all in all I'm very happy with our show year. And I'm so grateful to my friend Eva for letting me ride him while she was busy baking Izzy. By the way - don't show 4th level, Eva, it stinks. PSG is way better.

Moneypenny is back in full training. We're working on building her stamina and top line so she won't be pulling out the tricks quite yet, but she is looking FAB! Better than ever. We are both prepping for our training session with Steffen Peters at the end of Nov, so while she is trotting for 30 mins in the Eurociser, I am running around the State Capitol. SEVEN MORE LBS, SEVEN MORE LBS!

Amigo is hanging out halfway on the back burner because of work and MP's schedule, but I'm still hoping to get 4 days a week on him through the winter so we can prep him for the FEI 5 year old classes next year. He's a total ham and now lives full time in the barn, so his life is pretty good.

Verite has also been half way on the back burner, but she too will go back to full time training as the plan is to show her 1st and 2nd level. I'd like to get both Amigo & MP qualified for State champs just incase we don't make the WEG. I always love a good back up plan

Horse show husband is also back in the saddle - or back in the wheelbarrow to be more accurate. He's been picking up a few of my chores to relieve some pressure.

Whats next? I'm going to start blogging again as if this is my horsey journal, so expect to see blogs every few days with photos of the farm, and our life happenings and of course updates on the horses.

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