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Thursday, May 14, 2009

And so it begins...

The tornadoes passed and the sun was out in full force here in Wayne, IL for the kick off of the Lamplight CPEDI & USEF Para Dressage National Championships.

Andy's trip here was uneventful and he even arrived 12 hours early on Sunday night. We've been schooling since then and Ellen arrived on Tuesday so "training" started on Wed. Andy's been doing great and getting better each day.

The facility is unbelievable. It puts our shows in CA to shame (sorry but its true!).
There are about para riders here competing for national championships as well as some Canadians, Mexicans and Irish. The Bergay's are here too from AZ so we're sharing tack space and Andy's has had a girlfriend (Bella) since Sunday. Its very cool! There are 9 people in my class so for once we have competition! Yay! The events began yesterday (Thurs) with the inspection and jog, then today we ride the team test, tomorrow the individual test and Sunday is the freestyle.
The jog was a fascinating experience. The atmosphere here is intense with all of the horses and chaos in the barns. Everyone scurrying around to get their horses gleaming for the jog.
We went in order of our numbers so Andy and I were went 11th. It is intense because if the ground jury doesn't accept your horse you are done. Bye, bye. Thats it, finito. Plus we had never done this before so I was outrageously nervous. My trusty father meanwhile was hawking the process and has formulated all kinds of insights by the time our number came up.
And then we jogged...
And passed! Yippee! Andy was so cute. On the trot down we kind of lulled along, but on the way back he took over as if he were jogging me. It was like he decided I had no idea what I was doing so he would fill in and show me the ropes. He was so cute!
So far so good! Scott's here in full force with mega media so we will have many pictures and video to document the experience. And he's already capturing moments when people aren't looking. Here's a really cute one of Holly and Bella:

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Eva said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I've been waiting. Hehehe. Have a great ride today!