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Monday, September 8, 2008

MP turns 14& Ellen Clinic

Friday was MP's 14th b-day! She got to celebrate by working her tail off in 100 degree weather. But she was very happy about it. I've had a sinus infection so I took last week off from riding which meant MP had some siesta time in her pasture. It also meant that by Friday she was hot to trot. So even though it was 100 degrees for our first lesson with Ellen, MP was ready to go.

Our lessons with Ellen were great (as usual) and we just worked on perfecting things to get ready for the Champs in LA next month. Still working on letting her carry me and not pushing her constantly with my lower back. And now I'm trying to just get the technical stuff nailed down so I can count on 7's and 8's in my tests. Ellen was very pleased with our progress and I have to say after reviewing videos and photos from Jan I am too! It is amazing how much we've come along since first meeting in Jan. Plus we love each other which helps!

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