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Monday, September 8, 2008

Holy 73.7% batman!

Still trying to figure out how to upload videos directly to the blog, but in the mean time here are the YouTube links to my video's from last weekend's show:
3-3 test

WARNING - they are super grainy because of YouTube. The video itself is really high quality.

The show was fantastic! I received my last qualifying score for my third level freestyle so I am completely qualified for Championships in October. On my freestyle I received a 73.7%! Still a few small mistakes like my entrance and not quite "through" extended trot, but it was so much fun to ride! I actually cried afterward because if felt so good! This score was the highest at the show and earned us a high point ribbon and $50 gift certificate to a local tack store. I love winning "stuff!"

On my 3-3 test I received a 68.8% which also was awesome. It was the first place score and was even higher than the professional scores. Same thing - a few mistakes but all in all a really nice test. MP was quite proud of herself!

On the techy side of things, we (me & horse-show-husband) ordered two new Dell laptops for our anniversary. We have the big fifth ann coming up in two weeks so we thought, "why not have two computers so we can each sit on the couch in front of the TV and really have something better to do than talk to each other?" Just kidding! But what it will allow us to do is blog on the road, upload video on the road and upload photos for our friends and family to enjoy. So while we're at the Championships in LA, you can be there with us!

Here are a few photos from the weekend:

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