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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ho hum

I've been dreading this post since Sunday. Our show did not go well. Our training sessions with Dennis were fabulous, but I think Moneypenny was worn out by Sunday. And a little sore. But I did learn a lot about her and myself. I learned that she is not an early bird. I woke her up at 4 am to get ready for the show. She was laying down and snoring and I woke her up. She wasn't very happy about that. And the past month her schedule has been off. There was smoke, then it was 110, then there was vacation followed by more smoke. So consistency was definitely not the name of the game. Then I basically had a solid week of hard riding with no days off. Not good. So by Sunday she was tired and uncomfortable. Luckily she still loves me and I still love her, so we're going to get back into our regular routine. I was bound to have a bad show and it is better that this happened now rather than when it really matters. But it still stinks!

As for me, I learned that I'm really bad at not doing well. I beat myself up and go through the "I should have done this, or this, or this." I have to work on just letting things be as they are, but learn from them and move on. I've been pining away for the past few days and as Scott says, "don't let this psych you out or else this will all be over before it even got started." Good advice. He's so smart!

Moving on....

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