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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dressage Derby = 2 good scores & 2 more blue

Unfortunately, I have no pictures from this show, but fortunately we got two more really good scores and won both of our classes. We got a 66.3% at 3-3 and a 68.9% at 3-2! We just need one more score at 3-3 and we'll be qualified for regional championships.

For this show my goal was to improve my walk scores, which we did. We went from dreaded 5's and 6's to 7's & 8's. The only down side was that we worked so much on the walk that we neglected the trot and so our trot scores suffered a bit. The canter work was solid as usual. The best improvement was on my "rider" score (one of the collective marks given for the overall impression of the rider's ability) which I received a 7 from one judge and an 8 from another. Overall, all of the collective marks showed improvement. The next step is to try and put it all together in one solid test!

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