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Monday, May 12, 2008

Wooside Show Success!!

The Woodside warm up

One more show down, and nothing but success. MP was great and in top form. She is such a pro. We won 5 out of 6 classes and got great scores. I have lots of sevens and a few eights here and there. My walk work was the weakest, so my scores will be even better if I can get that figured out. I'm sure Ellen will have some ideas at out next training session.

MP hanging out--------------------------Ellen waiting for me to enter the ring

We won this class

We had a good group of competitors under Team Ellen. It was myself, Eva, Katie D & Katey A. Everyone did really well and Eva debuted a fourth level test and got a 67%!! Go Eva!! Katie D & Willoughby has their first show and competed solidly at first level. Katie A "caught" rides all weekend and definitely won the timed tack-up, braid, warm-up award. She caught a ride at 8:50 that she only found out about at 8:20. Katey also was the all star helper/groom/test caller and all around lady extraordinaire.

Katey A with Andy---------------------------------The pit crew, Ellen and my Dad

The show was great fun. Lots of our friends and family came to watch, my parents came for both Friday and Saturday and MP's "pit crew" was in full force on Saturday. So MP's parents finally got to meet ST's parents!

Pround parents, Katy and Dan Peterson with their "daughter" & Susan

Ellen was true to form, not only was she schooling a horse at the show, but on Thursday she was our coach, groom, videographer and den mother. Ellen is quite the multi tasker! Plus without her help, none of us would have done so well. Thank you Ellen!!

Ellen & MP (look at all the blue in the back!) Ellen & Katie D with Will & Pixel

I can't wait until the next show, especially to see if I can improve our walk scores!!

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