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Thursday, April 24, 2008


The Picnic Day Parade and our first fundraiser was a big success! The day started around 8 am when we loaded MP into the trailer and headed off to Davis. We unloaded her at Craig & Cass' place and met up with our parade entry volunteers, Sarah, Pam, Eva, Leila and her friend. We also brought along three four legged companions for MP (dogs).

The parade was definitely an interesting experience. MP is not ready to give up her career as a dressage horse and join the parade circuit, that's for sure! She was a little concerned with the noises, balloons, hoards of people and motorized vehicles, but she held herself together quite well. She piaffed and passaged a bit while we waited for the parade to start & she had no interest in standing still, but considering the environment she was very reasonable.

After 4 hours or so of walking and parade activities we headed back to Craig and Cass' for the party. MP had about 5 minutes left of patience at that point, so we took her back to Eva's for an afternoon of snacking and snoozing with her horsey friends at King Farm.

By the time I got back to Craig and Cass', the place was packed! The first band was playing, the bar was pouring and the carne asada was grilling. My dad ran the Susan Para E-Quest Fund table and, as I'm sure you can imagine, did a bang up job.

When Craig originally proposed this idea, his goal was to raise enough moola to feed MP for the year. I'm pleased to announce we almost doubled that! And I'm already over halfway to the $5k goal for 2008! I want to make sure and thank all of the people who came and the friends who walked in the parade with us. Also, my parents and Scott for working so hard and Paul Deering for making the banners - they looked great! I also want to thank our dear friends Craig and Cass for hosting our first fundraiser, providing the food, entertainment, beverages and all of the work and love they invest in this event every year - it couldn't have gone better.
We still have a ways to go before Kentucky 2010, but with all of the support from our friends and family and now the community of Davis, I can't imagine we won't make it!!

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