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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First Show!

Well, I had my first show and it went great! My friend Eva and I went to Denville Kanani in Pleasanton with "horse show husband" Scott. It was a medium sized show, but was a three star meaning that it was recognized but the US Equestrian Federation (meaning nationally recognized).
My first ride went well, but I definitely didn't give 100%. I was really nervous; it was my first show in years and my first show ever at third level. The horse was great of course. I rode really conservatively and I think I held my breath for the entire test. Needless to say I rode a little "stiff." So I had a few bobbles, but I still won my class and received a 65% which is actually a really nice score.
Before my second test, I was able to review the judge's remarks and regain composure. In the second test I felt like I was actually present and riding. And I made sure to ride better in all of the movements that were weak in the last test. Low and behold my mental presence paid off as I received a 71%! Again, we won the class.
Just to note, Eva received a 69% in her class and also won, so it was a good day for her too!
Scott and Eva were great! Eva groomed for me so I didn't get my white clothes dirty, and Scott received the title "horse show husband" because he brought chairs, a table, a cooler with beer, cheese, nuts and fruit AND was once again my personal paparazzi with two cameras snapping away. Could I ask for more?
And then there was Moneypenny. Words cannot describe what this horse has done for me. She is wonderful. She is amazing. She knows how to show and she definitely gives 100%. And she is VERY competitive. So she'll get the next two days off so she can eat grass and frolic in her pasture, then back to work we go!
P.S. We looked great dressed in our show clothes all braided, and I think the top hat had everyone convinced that we were the team to beat! Pictures to come……

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